What We Do

We are here to help people reach their maximum potential at work, at school, and in their personal lives.  During a typical first visit, the practitioner will do an initial assessment to evaluate the areas of the brain that are not working at full potential.  Personal history will be taken followed by a neuro-stress assessment.  These results are recorded in your file as a reference baseline for evaluating your progress as you improve through the integration process.

The practitioner will then go over the results with you. Together, you two, will design a customized protocol to help you meet your personal goals.  These goals will help you to overcome the unique challenges your brain experiences and bring you to a greater level of brain functioning and success.


Learning Issues




Emotional Regulation

Sports Injuries

Hormonal Imbalances

Blood Work

Nutritional IV

Covid Testing/ Treatment

Women’s Health

Animal Energy Work


An Individual Approach to Your Unique Goals


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